Security Gates and Grilles For a Safe Home and Business

More effective policing and community watch have done much to reduce burglaries and break ins in the Midlands but the fact is if you want a really safe home for your family, or secure business premises, you have to take care of things yourself by installing security gates and security grilles.Adding security gates and security grilles to your windows can go a long way towards making your home and business impregnable to thieves and vandals. These highly effective items, also known as window bars, window grilles, and window security gates, form shields against intruders while allowing in light and air.Bear in mind that most burglaries are opportunist acts done on the spur of the moment and a prowling burglar is always on the lookout for an easy mark in the form of a house or office without adequate security protection.The fact is that buildings with no extra security measures are much more likely to be targeted by thieves. Statistics show that houses with simple security measures such as locks on windows and deadlocks on doors are ten times less likely to be burgled than those with none. Imagine, then, how much protection proper security gates and grilles can give you.So when considering the best ways to protect your domestic and business premises, you need to focus on the main point of vulnerability – your doors and windows. In order to effectively block intruders from entering via your doors and windows, you need security gates and grilles.Security gates and grilles are protective grills that you install behind your doors and windows. Manufactured from high-strength aluminium alloys to a special security design, security gates are either fixed or retractable. In your home they can be fitted to the door or window surround and be hidden behind curtains. A pelmet can then hide the top track. For shops, you can also display your merchandise around the clock and be sure it’s well protected by the security grille on your shop windows.These gates also provide security when the doors and windows are open for ventilation. Retractable gates can be quickly unlocked to allow people to exit in the case of an emergency such as a fire.Another plus for security gates is that they’re easy on the eye. You can get them in a range of designs including cross lattice and diamond shapes, and in a range of colours. Most are coated with ultra violet resistant polyester powder for durability and ease of cleaning. That’s another great thing about these security gates – their easy to use and require almost no maintenance.Other than making it almost impossible for burglars to get into your premises, adding security in the form of security gates also sends a message to the bad guys that you’re serious about protecting your home, family and business. It’s a great example of highly visible physical security. So what should you look for when shopping for security gates and grilles?You can choose security gates and grills in various types depending on the level of protection you need.

Premium items with hardened steel rods in the profile of the grille and hardened steel links can withstand attacks from hacksaws or drills. Multi-point locking is another feature that offers enhanced security.
High security window grilles offer effective protection against intruders and are best used in together with other systems such as alarms and security cameras.
Medium security grills are effective against opportunist intruders and are suitable for lower risk areas. Again they should be used in conjunction with other types of security device.
When choosing security grilles for your home and business premises, be sure to get models with no external rivets. These make the gates easier to tamper with.Security gates and retractable grills offer your home and commercial premises a high level of protection against intruders. These devices have been approved by the official police security initiative and so are recommended by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).So if you want an attractive barrier to keep intruders out and let in as much air and light as possible, look into installing retractable security gates and grilles into your home or business.You’ll find reputable vendors with full details of their products on their websites. And by dealing direct online, you can save a lot of money on your purchase.

Security Providers – What You Should Be Looking For

Security Providers What to Look For.A reputable security provider will have a good track record/history. Ask other businesses who have employed their security service to determine reputation and ethics.Is the Security Provider listed as a Registered Member of a security organisation within your country?
Check that this company is part of a security association within your country and not any other country. Unless of course the security association is worldwide and approved by your country’s authorities.
This brings some accountability to the service, and your insurance company will gain some comfort from this also.What Type of Insurance Do They Have?Your chosen security provider must have service and public liability, and if they also sell security products then they should have products liability insurance. Around $10 to $30 million coverage; of course, this will depend on what you may be protecting, and what they are offering as a service.Is the Largest Always the Best?Not necessarily. I have seen some big security companies employ inexperienced labour, and they offer little back up for their own guards. When you are putting out a tender for a security provider, or you are reading the proposal from a perspective provider, read and assess their tender proposal very carefully.Some things that you should be looking for areo What type of security guard service are they offering? Is it 24/7? Or is it part time?
o What background, experience and training do the guards have?
o It may seem obvious – do all the security guards have a current police clearance?
o Are they all First Aid qualified? This is a requirement by law.
o Are they experienced in emergency management – for crime, fire and flood events?
o If you have a designated singular security supervisor or chief guard, is there a succession plan?
o Will the designated security supervisor/ chief guard have all hours and all areas access?
o If so, can their background and integrity be guaranteed? Aside from the mandatory police clearance has their background been thoroughly checked? Do they or any of their relatives have criminal convictions?
o What are their handover procedures for shifts, information and in the event of an incident? How is this done?
o What checks and backup does the security provider offer should their guards call in sick or fail to show up on site? Does your security provider review their guards’ performance regularly?
o What ‘goodwill’ services would the company provide, in regard to going the extra distance such as guards staying on longer if needed or extra guards being supplied at short notice?
o If requested, will the security company be willing to change a guard? What is their procedure?
o Will there be a regular rotation of guards who may be unfamiliar to our site, or will it be a more stable service?
o Read and fully understand the security contract and be clear as to what circumstances would allow you to terminate the contract.
o Ask if the guards you are being supplied are culturally aware and sensitive to ethnic customs and differences. If your company requires security guards who are culturally aware it is recommended that you stipulate this and ensure that it is stated in the security contract that these type of guards will always be available. Ask if this will be possible…
o Is there a liaison officer from the security company to deal with any issues if and when they arise?Now that you have chosen a Security Provider, whatever you spend on your security; it needs to be targeted, effective and value for money.